Can I import my previous Zen Pinball 2 / Pinball FX2 purchases to Pinball FX3?
YES! The majority of your previous purchases can be imported to Pinball FX3 for FREE. We will confirm the Pinball FX3 table roster in the coming days.
Please note, specific details for PlayStation, Xbox, Windows 10 and Steam import features will be revealed at a later date. Zen is still working with first parties to ensure a smooth process for all players!

When is Pinball FX3 going to release and which platforms are confirmed?
We are targeting a summer release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Win 10 and Steam.

Which tables are coming from Zen Pinball 2 / Pinball FX2 to Pinball FX3?
We will be confirming the table roster soon! There are over 70 tables in the library with many different partners. We can confirm that the vast majority of tables ARE coming to Pinball FX3.

Is Pinball FX3 coming to Nintendo Switch?
Stay tuned for announcements. Zen Studios is a huge supporter of Nintendo platforms (we even had the MOST Wii U content on the eShop). Thank you for your patience while we work out details with Nintendo.

Will there be new pinball tables launching with Pinball FX3?
Of course! We will release a pack of new tables based on properties from a brand new partner!

Is Pinball FX3 a free download for new players?
Yes, Pinball FX3 is a free platform download. You can pick and choose what games you want to buy inside of the platform. Pinball FX3 comes with Sorcerer’s Lair, free for all users.

Will there be new leaderboards?
Yes, Pinball FX3 will be a clean slate for everyone, with new beginnings on the leaderboards as well!

Will my achievements earned on Pinball FX2 carry over?
Sadly no, since Pinball FX3 is an entirely new game you will not be able to bring your achievements from Pinball FX2.

Will Cabinet Support be coming into Pinball FX3?
Yes, we would like to support your amazing home pinball cabinets in the future as well. We’ll have specifics at a later time.