Williams Pinball Volume 3 now available – Trick, brawl or sneak your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Theatre of Magic, The Champion Pub and Safe Cracker are now available to download as Williams Pinball Volume 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also on the iOS Appstore and Google Play on Mobile.

Hope you’ve charged up the controllers, tightened the screws on your digital pinball cabinet and polished down your mobile screen – Williams Pinball Volume 3 is here!

Theatre of Magic takes you to a shadowy old theatre that holds many secrets. Perform the 8 illusions with the ravishing young magician and reach the Grand Finale for hundreds of millions of points.

Transport yourself to the old timey watering hole of The Champion Pub and fight a zany cast of international characters to be crowned the Pub Champion! Remember to train your skills first in the unique minigames like the jump rope or the speed bag.

The cult classic Safe Cracker will force you to play an in entirely different playstyle then you’re used to. Getting into the Bank is only half the journey, you still have to break into the Vault with the interactive boardgame on the backglass!

If you want to see these tables in action make sure to check out the dedicated and wonderful pinball creators out there!

On Youtube you can join: Croooow Pinball, SpaciesArcadeThe Blahcade Podcast
Or catch a livestream by: DeadFlipRudySouphabermaniaMANvsPINBALLPizza SnailPinballWiz45b and the Lup’s Club channel.

Have fun and see you on the leaderboards!