May 28th, 2019

Williams Pinball Volume 4 sweeps into Pinball FX3 and Williams Pinball today!

…and a few tips your kid-self would have loved to know when you were sinking quarters into these games. 

Williams Pinball Volume 4 — a three-pack including White Water, Red and Ted’s Road Show and Hurricane — is now available to download on:
PlayStation 4
Xbox One & Windows 10

Nintendo Switch
Also individually on Google Play today. iOS App Store version will arrive shortly!

It’s the early ‘90s. Life is good — you’ve just beaten Super Metroid.
You go down to the local arcade to play some pinball. You finally managed to start multiball on Road Show, hit the skillshot on Hurricane, and nailed that shot into Insanity Falls on White Water on White Water. As these tables arrive to Pinball FX3 here are a few tips you wish you knew back then:

White Water has a tricky sinkhole return, just left above the flippers. If you don’t want to lose your ball right when you would get it back, keep the right flipper upright to catch it safely. Another advanced trick to be aware of is that if you miss your first shot on the upper playfield – no problem! You can just nudge the ball back to the flipper and try again.

Souvenirs might be worth your while on Road Show, as they give bonuses to the main modes. Try for the skillshot — which gives you one for free — or trade in some of your points in Bob’s Souvenir Bunker. If you’re having trouble landing that shot on the Blast Targets, you can trap the ball on the flipper adjacent to them for a short time to aim your shot better.

Hurricane rewards consistent ramp shots, so if you get into the rhythm of shooting the middle ramp, you will shoot to the top of the leaderboards. Same goes for the Hurricane ramp on the right, you can rake in big millions as the game gives you back the ball to make the next shot instantly.  

You can try these tricks out right now in Williams Pinball Volume 4 now available PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also individually on Google Play today. iOS App Store version will arrive shortly! 

March 19th, 2019

Williams Pinball Volume 3 now available – Trick, brawl or sneak your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Theatre of Magic, The Champion Pub and Safe Cracker are now available to download as Williams Pinball Volume 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Windows 10, Steam, Nintendo Switch and Mac. Also on the iOS Appstore and Google Play on Mobile.

Hope you’ve charged up the controllers, tightened the screws on your digital pinball cabinet and polished down your mobile screen – Williams Pinball Volume 3 is here!

Theatre of Magic takes you to a shadowy old theatre that holds many secrets. Perform the 8 illusions with the ravishing young magician and reach the Grand Finale for hundreds of millions of points.

Transport yourself to the old timey watering hole of The Champion Pub and fight a zany cast of international characters to be crowned the Pub Champion! Remember to train your skills first in the unique minigames like the jump rope or the speed bag.

The cult classic Safe Cracker will force you to play an in entirely different playstyle then you’re used to. Getting into the Bank is only half the journey, you still have to break into the Vault with the interactive boardgame on the backglass!

If you want to see these tables in action make sure to check out the dedicated and wonderful pinball creators out there!

On Youtube you can join: Croooow Pinball, SpaciesArcadeThe Blahcade Podcast
Or catch a livestream by: DeadFlipRudySouphabermaniaMANvsPINBALLPizza SnailPinballWiz45b and the Lup’s Club channel.

Have fun and see you on the leaderboards!

November 15th, 2018

Bally favorites The Party Zone, Black Rose and Attack from Mars hitting Pinball FX3 in Volume 2

We are happy to announce that The Party Zone, Black Rose and (you might have guessed if you follow our social channels😉 ) Attack from Mars are joining the Williams™ Pinball collection for Pinball FX3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Nintendo Switch on December 4, 2018 for $9.99, once again including classic and remastered versions of each table.

Attack from Mars

Black Rose

The Party Zone

Just as dragons came to life and a fisherman reeled ‘em in for past tables, Williams Pinball Volume 2 presents remastered versions of each table in addition to the simulated interpretations straight from the 1990s. In The Party Zone, host Captain B. Zarr comes to life as a 3D interactive character parading around on a giant rocket, while Attack from Mars features a 3D-animated general barking orders as the missile launchers fire upon a flying saucer that circles the playfield. At the same time, Black Rose, queen of the high seas, swings on the mast as you loot a treasure chest and fire an interactive cannon.

With the release, also comes the option for players in the PC Steam version of Pinball FX3 to play the tables in their original form. This means family filter off by default and unaltered cabinet and playfield art on all three Volume 2 tables.

We’ve got one more surprise, the option to turn off cinematic cameras with Remastered graphics is now present in the Options menu. So you can enjoy the Remastered effects while keeping the pinball immersion of an unmoving view.

We are grateful for your continuous feedback, which helped us in improving the Williams collection and Pinball FX3 as a whole together.

See you on the leaderboards!

September 17th, 2018

Release Date, Price, Free Content and Remastered Versions Confirmed

Zen Studios is excited to reveal new details about the Williams™ Pinball tables coming soon to Pinball FX3.

Zen Studios will release Pinball FX3 – Williams™ Pinball Volume 1 on October 9, 2018. The initial pack includes Medieval Madness®, Junk Yard and The Getaway: High Speed II®, and will cost $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99.

Fish Tales will be FREE for all Pinball FX3 players on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam, as well as for Zen Pinball 2 on Mac.

Zen Studios is also excited to reveal that in addition to the classic true to form simulations, the studio is also producing remastered versions of the classic tables which will include 3D interactive characters, side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and more. Remastered versions of the tables can be played with both the new classic physics simulation or with Zen’s modern-day pinball physics simulation. The re-mastered versions will not cost additional money and are included in the regular price of the game.

At the push of a button players can toggle between classic and remastered versions of the tables.

Check out the screenshot gallery below to get a look at the remasters.

We are also happy to let you know that the remastered versions of the Williams™ Pinball tables have been added to the Pinball FX3 LIVE Beta on Steam! The beta will conclude on September 24, 2018.


“Okay, buddy… Pull over… Pull over NOW!!!” Time to press pedal to the metal and shift into high gear!


The meanest game in the whole darn town! Sneak in and rummage through Crazy Bob’s Cosmic Salvage. Collect junk and pick up fireworks to build your flying jalopy!


Behold the Renaissance of Pinball! Defeat the king and all his men to stop the madness and restore order to this great land.


Lets you Catch ‘Em All – Hook, Line and Sinker! Can you get a score “thiiisss big”? Just remember – leaderboards don’t lie!

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