Get your ball-slingers ready for a good ol’ fashion showdown in the official Wild West Rampage Tournament –
LIVE NOW in Pinball FX3!

Compete in the roughest, toughest, pinball tournament in town starting November 30th and ending December 7th. Compete in a classic 3-ball tournament, and this time around it’s about pure pinball skill as there will be no perk bonuses.
Flip your way to earn your spot on the leaderboards with gift card prizes for the platform of your choice for first, second, and third place winners, as well as prizes for random tournament participants.

First Place
• $150.00 Platform Gift Card

Second Place
• $100.00 Platform Gift Card

Third Place
• $75.00 Platform Gift Card

Random Awards
• 5 X $50.00 Platform Gift Card

In-Game Participation Awards
• All participants will receive a “Wild West Rampage” themed background, along with exclusive portrait frames and badge!

Click here for rules and conditions to tournament entry.