Celebrate Halloween with us on the spooky new Halloween Mansion theme! Just in time for Halloween, this new course introduces ghosts, scares, and all kinds of new traps and obstacles to explore! Halloween Mansion is available now in Infinite Minigolf!

In the spooky courtyard of the Halloween Mansion, nothing is as it seems. Magic is everywhere, springing abandoned objects to life, and you never know what’s there to help you and what traps you’ll face. There are new tricks around every corner, and you’ll need all of your wits to navigate the golf ball into the hole.

Halloween Mansion features:

  • A brand new, beautifully designed environment set in the abandoned courtyard of a haunted mansion
  • A new stone tileset, which makes your ball bounce and roll more
  • Brand new obstacles, traps, and decorations, straight out of popular Halloween tales

Halloween Mansion is now available via update in Infinite Minigolf on Steam Early Access. The game can be purchased now for $14.99, a five dollar discount from the final version which launches in 2017. We hope to see you at the Halloween Mansion!