The Iron & Steel Pack, an exciting new pinball two-pack featuring a table based on our hit CastleStorm franchise as well as a Western-inspired table dubbed Wild West Rampage, is launching this week and represents our first original Zen tables in three years!

Our last original themed table was Epic Quest, so returning to original themes was really fantastic for our development team. We had a great time taking your favorite parts of CastleStorm, including the fire-breathing dragon, the sheep-launching ballista, and even some tower defense elements from the original game and crafting them into a fun, new table. Additionally, bringing some of our favorite Old West elements to life for the Wild West Rampage table was a dream come true! You can’t go wrong with train robberies, duels, gunslingers, a corrupt sheriff, and a determined, strong leading lady at the center of it all.

To commemorate this release we are revealing a brand new trailer that showcases the great pinball action in both tables, CastleStorm and Wild West Rampage. Enjoy!

Release dates & platforms:

Zen Pinball 2 on PS3, PS4 & Vita: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack. Available in North America on February 24 and Europe on February 25
Zen Pinball 2 for Mac: $2.99/€2,99/£2.29 for individual tables, available on February 25
Pinball FX2 for SteamXbox 360: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack, available Feb 25
Pinball FX2 for Xbox One: $4.99/€4,99/£3.99 for the two-table pack, available on Feb 26
Zen Pinball for iOS: $.99/€,99/£.79 for individual tables, available Feb 26
Zen Pinball HD for Android & Amazon: $.99/€,99/£.79 for individual tables, available Feb 26

PSN players, don’t forget to purchase this pack on either PS3 or PS Vita first, then import to PS4 and enjoy on all three platforms! Xbox players, always purchase on Xbox 360 first, then import to Xbox One to enjoy on both. Please let us know if you have any questions or requests for features or tables, we would love to hear what you’d like to see next!